W-Flow - Comprehensive Workflow Management Solution

W-Flow allows you to manage your enterprise work flows with an easy way of configuration and allows the authorised resources to track each workflow request status.

It is a solution where an organisation has several simple to complicated processes to follow and each of them have their own workflow pattern to follow.

W-Flow allows to define stages of workflow and for each stage one can define a team to approve, reject workflow request.

Using W-Flow you can structure your complicated process to follow well defined simple route to follow and track.

It comes up with easy interfacing mechanism, thus allowing to integrate with your enterprise applications easily.

Key Features

  • Application Configuration

  • Workflow Stages Configuration

  • Workflow Participants Configuration
  • Pending Transaction Management

  • API/Web Services Integration for Application

  • Transactions Whereabout
  • Rule based for Approval Process

  • Application Security / Access Control

  • Audit Trails