InpectiO - Inspection , Incident & Reporting Management

InspectiO is a comprehensive software solution for site inspection, any incident reporting, audit reporting and other inspections that are needed for industries, hospitals, municipalities & any other sites which need to adhere to security, safety and quality standards.

InspectiO helps to maintain quality human life adhering to safety & security that are to be followed in various industrial factories, civil locations, roads ...etc.

InspectiO allows every inspection to have its own questionnaire, reporting mechanism with spot check and take through a workflow process in order to make sure the compliance adhering to safety and security standards.

InspectiO comes with a multi user types allowing to do roles like inspectors, evaluators, performers so that each reported inspection, incident , audit, security, quality issues could be monitored for the current status and make sure each site meets the required security and safety standards.

Key Features

  • Site Inspection

  • Incident Reporting

  • Environment Inspection

  • Health Site Inspection

  • Safety Inspection
  • Suggestion

  • Near Miss

  • Audit

  • Complaint

  • Security Inspection
  • Quality Inspection

  • Cloud Based

  • Own Questionnaire

  • Workflow Management for Approvals