HAMS - Hired Assets Management System

HAMS is a comprehensive web solution allowing to manage your hired assets the are required in any civil /construction management projects. it enables you to maintain information about existing (legacy) data also into the system.

It covers new hire request processing, extending hired assets that are available for use. it comes with a workflow management solutions by which the hire request, extension could be processed using approval process.

HAMS allows you to maintain asset information, contract information, procurement department analysis before placing order, etc.

The tool has several queries, reports which makes the solution very handy for any construction company which hires assets for its sites and need to maintain the required information through a system.

Key Features

  • New Hire Asset Request Processing

  • Hired Asset Extension Processing

  • Legacy Asset Information Processing

  • Security / Access Control
  • Vendor Management

  • Contracts Information

  • Asset Information
  • Asset Relocation Request Processing

  • Asset Release Processing

  • Workflow for Approval Processing