CODM - Concrete Ordering & Delivery Management

Enterprise concrete ordering, delivery and tracking management solution. This software allows project planning engineers to plan & place orders to concrete suppliers. Such placed orders can be sent to approval of concrete coordinators for confirming placement of orders.

CODM allows to take delivery of concrete by site engineers using an android based mobile application and DN barcode. Also site QC can inspect and give approval for such delivered concrete. System will interface with concrete vendor system to track the delivery of concrete through trucks.

CODM incorporates control mechanisms like budgeting, workflow, performance management of concrete delivery at sites. Also it enables to process DN physical delivery to claim payments.

System has build in Queries, Reports, eMail alerts and Security & Access control functionalities.

Key Features

  • Prepare Concrete Orders

  • Workflow to Approve Orders

  • Extract DN data from 3rd Party Application

  • Receive Concrete Physically & accept DN through mobile App

  • Site Engineer & Site QC approval
  • Support Multiple Plant

  • Plantwise data management & Query

  • Budget & Performance Management

  • Provision to Reject

  • Mechanism to receive Physical DN & Upload Scanned Documents
  • Receive Invoice and approve for Processing

  • Queries

  • Reports

  • Security and Access Control